FreedomWorks Backs CT Senate Candidate Linda McMahon

Former WWE owner and Republican Candidate for the Senate in Connecticut, Linda McMahon, was recently attacked by Majority PAC on multiple fronts, including a topic that should receive more attention...Linda's embracing some of the most outrageous material from the far-right, such as the elimination of the Department of Education, Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here's the disturbing CT Mirror piece that Majority PAC is referencing in regards to Linda warm reception to eliminating the Department of Education.

Democrats might be more excited about the Tea Party's endorsement of Republican Linda McMahon than the GOP candidate herself.

FreedomWorks, a Washington-based Tea Party group, officially weighed in on behalf of Republican Senate nominee McMahon today, saying she was the clear "choice for limited government" in the Connecticut contest that pits her against Democrat Richard Blumenthal.


While the McMahon campaign didn't put out any announcement, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sure did. "With the out of state, tea party affiliated organization FreedomWorks set to endorse her ... Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's pandering has hit a new high," the news release blared. The "pandering" at issue was McMahon's comments to a group of Tea Party activists that she would be open to "voting to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency."


Lets not forget that this is the same person who would have no problem DECREASING minimum wage.


Ted Mann, The Day: Should it be reduced now? Since businesses are struggling, as you all described? Would you argue for reducing the minimum wage now?

McMahon: "We have got minimum wages in states, we have got minimum wages in the (federal) government, and I think we ought to look at all of those issues in terms of what mandates are being placed on businesses and can they afford them. I think we should get input from our business community. We should listen to our small business operators and we should hear what it is they have to say and how it's impacting their businesses and make some of those decisions."

Oh yeah...McSham is looking out for the best interest of the middle class...

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