B: CA: Anti-Tax Groups Get Ready for Big Push in November

While President Obama won't be spending a lot of time here in October, you can bet there will be a lot of money spent here.  With the Special Exemptions Act, the death penalty, several contested Congressional seats and the Governor's revenue measure on the ballot, it will be a busy campaign season. But for Howard Jarvis' corpse, it will be the same ol' same ol. It's what they do every day, slam the goverment, tell them how  terrible it is and bam, there you go.


There, at a news conference to announce the formation of "Californians for Reforms and Jobs, not Taxes," Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, previewed the campaign against the governor's November ballot initiative to raise taxes. It will rely on messages, he said, that "quite frankly, are short and sweet."

Brown's opponents, Coupal said, will remind Californians of the state's relatively high tax burden, challenge the Democratic governor's claim that his tax increase is for schools and publicize unflattering examples of government spending.(SacBee)

Of course, take any large organization and you can find some dumb stuff going on. And, the California government is such and organization. But, just because there is a small stupid thing going on, doesn't mean that we should just toss the big, smart things that go on every day. Like, you know, educating our children, maintaining our streets, and so on. California government is simply too big to fail.

Yet, that is where we are headed. With the continued pessimism and me-first attitudes of the anti-tax organizations, we are stuck on a 20th century budget in a 21st century reality. We have neither the flexibility nor the wherewithal to continue with budget disaster after budget disaster. And, yeah, the current budget is a mess.

The governor's measure doesn't fix that, and doesn't totally save the budget, but it is a step that we must take.

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