The 'Apology Tour' Lie Reexamined... Again

Tonight we watched a Republican candidate get schooled in a debate by an incumbent President. So badly in fact, that he started just mostly agreeing with that President to run the clock out and "pass the commander-in-chief composure test" as the GOP talking point seems to be. However, when Mitt Romney wasn't learning about nuclear submarines and that the Army does not have a Calvary anymore he tried to resort to what he has used this whole campaign. Lies. However, one lie regurgitated from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity just does not stand up to scrutiny.
The lie that Obama took an "apology tour" to start his Presidency. In fact, Obama was merely using diplomacy to let people worldwide know that the failed, Neo-Conservative policies engaged in by his predecessor were a thing of the past:

Romney labels seven separate Obama speeches as apologies in his book. (We've compiled those passages in a separate document.) We noticed Obama tended to acknowledge American mistakes or bad impressions, but he countered it with praise of American ideals and the need to come together.

At a town hall meeting in France in 2009, for example, Obama encouraged Europe to work with the United States, and admitted that the United States "has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive." But he immediately said that Europe has been guilty of a "casual" and "insidious" anti-Americanism.

At a major address to the United Nations, Obama said, "I took office at a time when many around the world had come to view America with skepticism and distrust. Part of this was due to misperceptions and misinformation about my country. Part of this was due to opposition to specific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues, America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. And this has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often has served as an excuse for collective inaction."

At a speech in Cairo on relations between the U.S. and the Islamic world, Obama got very close to regretting decades-old U.S. actions in Iran. But then he immediately countered with criticism of Iran. He suggested both countries simply "move forward."

Throughout those speeches, Obama was most conciliatory when talking about torture and detention at the U.S. military installation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Obama typically said the U.S. must always stay true to its ideals, and that's why he "unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the United States, and I have ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed by early next year."

Indeed, Obama was just trying to depart from the horribly failed policies of his predecessors, policies that even Mitt Romney backed away from tonight and was not apolegizing to anyone. He was merely letting the world know that he planned on being a more sane and less hypocritical leader.

But to clear up any confusion, here is how Politifact described the notion that Obama had made an "apology tour" to anyone:

Once again, Romney has accused Obama of beginning his presidency "with an apology tour."

Our reviews of Obama's 2009 foreign travels and speeches showed no such thing. While he criticized past U.S. actions, such as torture practices at Guantanamo, he did not offer one  apology.

It's ridiculous to call Obama's foreign visits and remarks "an apology tour." We rate this statement Pants on Fire!

A familiar theme for Mitt Romney.

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