15-Year-Old Unintentionally Kills Himself with Family Handgun

15-year-old Matthew Daniels, of Sweetwater, Tennessee unintentionally shot himself with a family handgun. According to police, "Apparently based on everything we can find out, we have no sign that he was depressed or anything of that nature, so it looks like an accidental shooting."

Police responded to the call around 5:45 p.m. Thursday night. They found Matthew's mother performing CPR on her son. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports do not indicate how the family handgun was stored, whether it was kept unloaded and locked, or why Matthew was handling the gun.

Matthew was a freshman at Sweetwater High School. He was an honor student and had just been named Student of the Month. Students, faculty and staff at the high school wore purple on Monday in honor of Matthew. Purple was Matthew's favorite color.

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