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Thursday roundup


Monday roundup

CT 05: Poll shows Esty in trouble?

CT SEN: Murphy agrees to nine debates

Congressman John Larson at #DNC2012

CT delegation at #DNC2012 update: Sept. 5th

Gov. Malloy to GOP "...when you talk about your desire to create jobs, where have you been?"

CT delegation at #DNC2012 update: Sept. 4th

Tuesday roundup

PELTO: "Are You Kidding? Vallas' standardized testing obsession mean 3 rounds of tests plus CMTs"

Donovan takes name off of WFP line

"Profits Before People"

Linda supports the GOP war against women

CT delegation at #DNC2012: final day

PELTO: "Connecticut: The State of Modern Capitalism:"

Thursday roundup

Gov. Malloy remarks at #DNC2012

CT 04: Himes released first TV ad


State closed fiscal year with 143.6 mil deficit

Labor Day

Working Families Party, Donovan endorse Esty

I'm confused