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Friday roundup

Play the Romney/McMahon debate bingo game

Disturbing WWE image (under Linda's watch) of the day

Disturbing WWE image (under Linda's watch) of the day

Steve Obsitnik refuses to address whether he supports Social Security voucher proposal

Time To Get Rid of Ridiculous, Confusing Ballot Position Statute

LIVE AUDIO STREAM: DeLauro, Murphy, Esty joint press call on Paul Ryan's visit to CT

STATE SEN 13: Congresswoman DeLauro endorsed Bartolomeo

CT-SEN/PPP Poll: Murphy leads by 6

PELTO: "I'm Linda McMahon and my degree is in English, ah… no French, yeah… French"

CT Dems to Linda "Releases New Offensive Footage"

PELTO: "The price of Paul Vallas' no-bid contracts continues to grow…"

CT-SEN/Q-Poll: Tied

The Right To Self Govern

STATE REP 5: McGhee wins

Tuesday roundup

Millionaires for McMahon rally in support of Paul Ryan tomorrow

Linda doubles down; repeats Social Security "sunset" proposal, endorses privativing Medicare

Friday roundup

Dishonest comment of the week

LIVE VIDEO STREAM: Rally for Chris Murphy in New Haven

Esty released first general campaign TV ad

Disturbing WWE image (under Linda's watch) of the day

Roraback whining over DCCC ad is dishonest at best