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Say it ain't so Ned!

Private DDS providers left to investigate 41% of abuse cases

PELTO: "George McGovern: An American Hero"

PELTO: "New Policy: Bonuses unless we get caught"

Why Doesn't the Governor's New Energy Plan Do More to Encourage Publicly Owned Utilities?

PELTO: "The poster child for Education Reform's fraudulent performance evaluation movement"

PELTO: "Why yes Virginia, things can always get worse: Board of Regents Hire Phil Austin"

PELTO: "You know that whole "Ignorance of the Law" thing?"

CT SEN: SEIU released first ad against McMahon

Join the filthy rich welcome Speaker Boehner to Hartford

#CTSenateDebate recap

CT-SEN/Q-Poll: " Murphy Up As McMahon Fades In Connecticut Senate Race"

PELTO: "...More Bonuses - This time it's the senior public servants at the State Lottery Commission

VIDEO: CT Broadcasters Association U.S. Senate debate

OBAMA AND LIBYA BY Gene Griessman, PhD

PELTO: "When is a 'stipend/salary adjustment (not a raise)' "

Linda's hired goons on display in New London

Social Justice is Un-American. Really?

PELTO: "There is something very, very wrong going on at Connecticut's Board of Regents"

CT SEN/Rasmussen: Murphy by 5

Fake outrage

Murphy continues to attack McMahon on Social Security "senset provision" proposal