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VIDEO: Biden's Google+ Hangout on Gun Violence

Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Announced

Gabby Giffords to Meet Newtown Families

First Openly Gay Appellate Jurist in CT History Nominated

Upswing in Gun Safety Response After Sandy Hook Shooting

Lanza's Mother was a Doomsday Prepper

CT State Budget Talks Behind Closed Doors Raise Eyebrows

Lackluster Liturgy: Why US Gun Control is Highly Overdue

CNN, Huffington Post, Slate Report Wrong Facebook Page of Alleged CT Killer

Joe Lieberman’s Parting Shot

"We're going to have an election (not an auction) here in Connecticut"

STATE REP 134: Stream of Conscience interview with Heather Dean

School Renamed After Slain Teacher Near Newtown

End of 2012 Saw Fewer Gun Purchases in CT and CO

Chuck Woolery on Gun Control: 'Assault Weapons Act as a Deterrent Against Foreign Invasion'

Trigger Happy Americans: 3 1/2 Years of Ammunition Magazines Sold in 72 Hours

NRA: We Call on Congress to Put Armed Police in Every School!

Obama: January Deadline for Gun Violence Proposals

NRA Breaks Their Silence on Sandy Hook School Shootings

Wiping Away Tears Obama Vows: I Will Do Everything in My Power to Help

Close to 30 Dead, Most Were Children in CT Elementary School Shooting

CT-SEN/Rasmussen: Murphy by 6

CEA interview with Chris Murphy

PELTO: "No, it' called "an incentive retention payment," not a bonus - there is a big difference"