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There is a difference


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): you might want to talk to Speaker Boehner (r) about that

Jason Smith, freedom-fighter (for the wealthy)

HB 527: because Missouri can't have too much tenther legislation

Rights: what happens when you grade on a curve

Campaign Finance: still not running for anything

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. "

HB 513: water is wet, ice is cold, nuts are nutty

HB 474: say goodbye to poppy seed bagels in the Capitol cafeteria

SB 269: paper tigers

Our New Favorite Bumper Sticker

Roy Blunt, warrior against women

SJR 19: the "Give Term Limited State Senators Something Else to Run for Act"

Tim Jones: Romping with the wild things or country clubbing with the GOP establishment?

HJR 25: individuals who benefit disproportionately from the infrastructure of society...

Cue the black helicopters or the wire transfer, your choice

Rep. Rick Brattin (r): cdesign proponentsists

Roy Blunt toes the NRA line and reaps big rewards

SB 266: If a firearm discharges in a health care facility and no one wrote it down...

Well, yeah

SB 265: if you didn't want the black helicopters to track you down...

It would make perfect sense if you had the institutional memory of a gnat on speed...

HB 436: loonier than Wayne LaPierre at a press conference