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Kind of Blue: Why Red State Beacon ALEC Was Right at Home in 'Liberal' Chicago

ALEC Unveils New Anti-Environmental Agenda in Chicago

Marriage Equality Moves Forward in IL, NJ, PA

GOP Official Resigns After Calling Female Candidate 'Street Walker'

Stock Cuts and Bonds: Chicago Struggles to Fund Schools

After Teacher Strike Wins Improvements, Chicago Students Have Record Graduation Rate

Chicago’s Choice: Closing 50 Schools But Spending $100 Million On Basketball Arena

Chicago Prepares to Close 54 Public Schools

Hundreds of Chicago Students Walk Out of Standardized Test

The 50th Senator to Support Marriage Equality is a Republican from IL

Professor Blagojevich? Disgraced Former Governor Teaching History in Prison

IRS Sued for Non-Regulation of Dark Money in Political Campaigns

Study Suggests Link Between Autism and Induced Labor

Illinois Passes Online Voter Registration Bill

IL Will: State Lawmakers Scramble to Legalize Concealed Guns at Federal Deadline

Think-Tank for Climate Change Denial Caught in Another Lie

Illinois House Forgoes Marriage Equality Vote, Battle Wages On

IL Votes to Make Birth Control in Sex Ed Classes Mandatory

Chemical That Is Banned in Some European Countries Takes IL Worker's Life, Results in Measly $77,200 Fine

Taken for a Ride: Temp Agencies and ‘Raiteros’ in Immigrant Chicago

From McDonalds to Macy's, Workers in Chicago Strike for Living Wages

Teachers Prepare to Protest Mass School Closings in Chicago

Republican Lawmaker Compares Gun Control to Castration

Jesse Jackson, Jr. Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges Worth $750,000