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Illinois Gov Race Looks to Be a Knock-Down, Drag-Out Nailbiter: Money Pouring In From Both Sides

State Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Constitutionality of IL Misclassification Law

The Moderate GOP Exists: A Genial Conversation With Former Illinois Rep Jim Watson

Northwestern to Launch Pre-Apprenticeship Program, Aid in Push for Local Hire

'Right-to-Work' Backfires: Could Actually Lower Construction CEO Pay

College Athletes Move Toward Forming First Labor Union

Apparently, the Chicago Archdiocese Concealed Abuse for Decades

Repealing the Prevailing Wage Would Cost IL 3,300 Jobs, $1B in GDP, $44M in Taxes, Says New Study

Labor Leaders Cry Foul, Threaten Litigation as Illinois’ Underfunded Pension 'Rescue Plan' Develops

Five-Year Peet’s Coffee Veteran Fired Via Voicemail for Clocking In Late Three Times Over 365 Days

Illinois Set to Become 15th State to Allow Gay Marriage

Empathetic Mapping: Using Science to Examine Chicago's Massive School Closings

Labor of Love: Unions Play Big Role in Today's IL Primaries

Drug Company Agrees to Pay $27.6M to Settle Allegations Involving Chicago Psychiatrist

Illinois GOP Gov Candidate Accused of Sexual Harassment, Politics on the State Dime

Mine Safety Head Took Thousands in Campaign Contributions from Coal Baron

GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Who Wants to Cut Minimum Wage Owes Workers Near $4M in Back Pay

Archdiocese of Chicago to Release Thousands of Documents Detailing Sex Abuse and Cover Up

Federal Judge: Chicago's Ban on Gun Sales Is Unconstitutional

New IL Pension Plan Cuts Benefits for Most Employees and Retirees, Unions to File Lawsuit

Waiver Allows Dynegy Plant in Illinois to Spew Coal Pollution Until 2020

Gay Marriage Opponent Won't Go Down Without a Nonsensical Rant

Koch Brothers' Petcoke Piling Up in Chicago

Case Closed: US Judge Refuses To Halt Chicago School Closings