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Back in the USSR: Russian Tanks Invade Ukraine

This Is When to Decry the PC Police: At Least 1,400 Children Sexually Abused in UK Town When Officials Didn't Want to Appear Racist

PDF Pffft: Outdated Database of Court Records Begins Actively Removing Recent Cases

Islamic State Militants Hold American Woman Hostage

When Will We Ever Learn? BP Wins Big in Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling Lease Auction.

Syria Says US Airstrikes Against Islamic State Would Be an Act of Aggression

GAO: Pentagon Broke Law With Bergdahl Swap

How Young People Give: Analyzing Success of Ice Bucket Challenge

Anti-Union Construction Lobby Slammed for Wanting Workplace Violations Kept from the Feds

Nightmarish Hellscape if GOP Wins Senate (Gov't Shutdown Is Just the Beginning)

Obama Warns ISIS: 'We Will Be Vigilant and We Will Be Relentless'

Higher Learning: College Costs Have Risen 1,225% Over 36 Years

Take the Challenge, Slash the Funds: Lawmakers Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Cut Research Funding

Old Dog, New Tricks: Insurance Companies Find Obamcare-Proof Ways to Deny Sick People Coverage

Final Report: Global Warming Caused by Humans, Already Dangerous and Likely Irreversible

Israeli Airstrike Levels 6th High-Rise Building in 2 Days Just Before Cease-Fire Begins

Condoms, Condoned: Educators Fight Back Against Useless 'Abstinence-Only' Programs

Eyes Focused on Keystone, But Rail Cars Move More, and More Dangerously

Will There Be Justice for Michael Brown's Killer? Sadly, Likely Not

Corporations Renouncing 'Citizenship'? It's the American Way!

Obama: Special Forces Attempted Rescue of Now-Murdered Journalist

Justice Hits BoA with Record-Breaking Fine, No Immunity from Criminal Prosecution

Densely Packed and Impoverished Community of 50,000 Liberians Quarantined Amid Ebola Fears

Twitter Suspends Users Posting 'Graphic Imagery' of Journalist's Beheading by ISIS