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With $5.1B in New Toys, SWAT Deployments Rise 1,400% in 20 Years

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Fox News Is a Flat Circle: Fraudster Accuses EPA of Fraud He Himself Committed

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No Money to Burn: Wildfires Rage as Prevention Funds Wallow in Partisan Bickering

More Than 200,000 Immigrants Could Lose Their Obamacare by End of the Month

ISIS Brandishes Its Brutality Again, Second US Journalist Allegedly Beheaded

Labor-Friendly NYC Mayor Cleaning Up Bloomberg's Union Contract Messes

Escar-Go Home! Giant African Snails Invade US

Satellites Catch Russian Troops, Artillery Within Ukraine Border

US Begins Ebola Vaccine Trial as WHO Estimates Worldwide Death Toll Could Exceed 20,000

Nothing to FEC Here: Backlogged Agency Threatens Election Transparency in Post Citizens United Era