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If the JeffCo School Board Had Studied History, They Would've Known Censorship Doesn't Work

Maligned ‘Obamacare’ Succeeding Big at Pushing Down Insurance Policy Rate Hikes

Carbon Copy Emissions: Republican Candidate Pushes for Keystone Pipeline During Climate Protests

The Worst State GOP Candidate in CO History? Quite Possibly.

Karl Rove Wants to Start a ‘Real Conversation About Issues That Matter,’ Not the Silly Women's Rights Stuff

Colorado GOP Candidate Not Sure Sandy Hook Shootings Happened

Failed GOP Candidate to Obama: Step Down or Face an 'Armed Rebellion'

GOP's Version of Al Gore's 'Internet': Sen Hopeful 'Built' CO's Green Energy Economy

More Jail for Abortion Providers Than Rapists: CO GOP Senate Hopeful Struggles to Explain Stance

Outside Groups Buy 20 Days Worth of Non-Stop Ads in Colorado Elections

Colorado Republicans Celebrate China’s Quickie Executions

Colorado GOP Stands With Candidate Who Accused Opponent of Wanting to 'Join ISIS in Beheading Christians'

Frantic Republicans Try Really Weird Pivot on Women’s Issues

NRA's Coffman-for-Congress Campaign in Gun-Rattled Aurora Could Backfire

Colorado's Republican 'Study Committee' Heads for the Border (Again)

Citizens United 2.0: Right-Wing Group Begins Another Court Case to Muddle Transparency Efforts

Colorado Fracking Committee Doesn't Include Any Activists Who've Spent Years Campaigning for Ban

Power Outage: Colorado Energy Company 'Inadvertently' Charges Customers for Campaign Costs

The Fraudulent Debate Over Voter Fraud: Colorado Dismisses Second of Four Cases Targeting the 'Epidemic'

Supposed 'Unbiased' CO Newspaper Editor Caught With Hand in Tea Party Cookie Jar

Why Isn’t This Republican State Senator a Poster Child for Corruption?

The Fine Print: Colorado Republicans Looking at Serious Campaign Finance Violation

Colorado GOP Launches New Website, Accidentally Uses Photos from Utah, Arizona

Republican Groups Refuse to Follow Even the Inadequate Campaign Finance Laws on the Books