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California Takes Two Giant Steps Forward to Protect Reproductive Rights

CA Environmental Water Caucus: Shasta Reservoir Study Is A Sham

A Good Start: CA Increases Minimum Wage

Qualcomm Exec Indicted on Insider Trading Charges, Illegally Made $250k in Profits

Antitrust Case Turns Into Fight for Gay Juror Protections

CA Allows Undocumented Immigrants to Gain Drivers' Licenses

CA Resolution for Equal LGBT Veteran Benefits Passes with Bipartisan Votes

CA Poised to Become First State With $10 Hour Minimum Wage

Activists Urge Senator Pavley to Withdraw Dangerous Fracking Bill

CA Prison Deal Compromise Adds Window Dressing to Gov Brown's Non-Fix

Angelenos Fight Oil Interests as Fracking Expands in CA

Gov Brown Scoffs at CA Court Order to Shrink State's Prison Population

No One Is Driving the Train: Lack of Leadership as San Francisco's BART Careens Toward Strike

California Poised to Broaden Access to Abortions

BART Managers Dig in Heels, Bay Area Transit Workers Prepare to Strike

CA Successful in Dramatically Reducing Teen Birth Rate

CA to Spend $315 Million on 'Incarceration Binge' if Courts Reject Request for Three Year Delay on Prison Population Reduction

Solar Power Wins Big as CA Passes Power Bill

Former LA Mayor Villaraigosa Joins Sham Supplement Company Herbalife as Lobbyist

With Bill Undermined by Industry, CA Environmentalists Call for Fracking Moratorium

Despite Big Bank Threats, CA City Approves 'Eminent Domain for the People'

Californians Wary as Rhee Brings Education 'Reform'

CA Drug Sentencing Reform Law Passes General Assembly

The Future of Pensions in America: No Room for Unions at Secret Summit Set Up by David Koch