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Wildfires Spread Like Wildfire: Major Studies Link CA's Burning to Climate Change

GOP's CA Rebranding Efforts Undermined by Race-Baiting Gunslinger

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Study: CA Drought Linked to Climate Change

Virtual Inequality: Nintendo Won't Allow Gamers to Use Gay Characters

High Speed Ahead: California's Bullet Train Chugging Along Towards Approval

Anti-Fracking CA Bill Posits: 'Hey, Maybe We Should Study This Stuff Before It Goes in the Water Supply'

LA Port Strike Solidarity Actions Stretch to Georgia, Tides Turning on Misclassification

Obama Denounces NBA Team Owner's Racist Remarks

Meet the Doctor Who Gave $1 Million of His Own Money to Keep His Gun Research Going

CA Gov's Bay Delta Conservation Plan Lacks Answers

CA Bill Would Require Labeling for Genetically Modified Foods

10,000 Gallons of Oil Spill onto Los Angeles Streets

These Students Convinced Stanford to Stop Investing in Coal

$67B Tunnel Plan Moving Forward Without Permits or Plans to Pay for It

Despite CA's Drought, Oil Industry Spokesperson Admits to Projected Increase in Fracking Water Use

Why Is LA County Locking Up So Many Women?

Oil Lobby Sets New Spending Record in Sacramento

While the Clippers Battle Race Stigma, the Kings are Getting Minority Workers Into Union Apprenticeships

Google's Self-Driving Cars Mastering City Street Navigation

It Took 14 Years, But Boeing Now Owes Its Engineers $47 Million

Not Bad for 15 Months: Yahoo's Ex-COO Gets $58M Severance Package

CA Senate Committee Approves Fracking Moratorium Bill

Sunset on the Delta? CA Increases Water Exports by 433 Percent