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Tragi-Con: Minimum Wage, Earned Sick Day Fight in San Diego Threatens to Last Until 2016

Gas Company Responsible for Fatal Pipeline Explosion Pleads Not Guilty to Obstruction of Justice

It's Enviro Vs. Enviro: Clashes Erupt Over CA Gov Brown's Proposed Water Fix

Judge Rejects Wide-Reaching Tech Industry Wage Suppression Settlement ‘Cause It’s Not Big Enough

Drought Is Here to Stay: CA Enviros Propose $6B Water Conservation Plan

CA Republican Goes Homeless for a Week, and Learns All the Wrong Lessons

Cells In Cells: California Prison Unleashes Hounds Over Contraband Phones

More CA Death Row Inmates Commit Suicide Than Receive Capital Punishment, as Judge Questions Constitutionality

Federal Judge: Capital Punishment 'Cruel and Unusual'

California Charged with 'Rubber-Stamping' Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths

The Truck Stops Here: Port Workers in CA Strike 'Indefinitely' Over Misclassification and Union Busting

Los Angeles Workers Flood Streets Protesting Predatory Bank Fees, Rising Share of Health Care Costs

School Police at One School Will Soon Be Armed with AR-15s

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: Mental Health, Police Violence and the Media

Suck It Up and Get Back to Work! Lobbyists Fighting Hard Against CA's Paid Sick Day Law

Four Years Later, Systemic Failures That Led To CA Gas Pipeline Explosion Revealed

In Pipeline Explosion Case, Cozy Emails Between Judge and Defendant

Activists: Fracking Making California’s Drought Even Worse

Elderly Man Kills Fleeing 'Pregnant' Burglar After Being Robbed

Fearing Contamination, State Halts Injection of Fracking Waste

Group Seeks Justice for Disabled Denied Voting Rights

Law and Border: LA Ceases Detention of Undocumented Immigrants Without Court Order or Warrant

Big City, Bright Ideas: El Centro and Its 2nd Highest Unemployment Rate in the US Sues to Pay Workers Less

Questions Abound in Camp Shooting Death of Boy Scout