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Rubs Eyes, Takes Big Gulp: Soda Lobby Drops $9.4M Against Bay Area Beverage Tax

Santa Barbara: Beautiful Enough to Frack, Says Big Oil Companies Spending Millions on Ballot Measure

Big Oil Spending Millions to Kill Local Anti-Fracking Measure

In Massive Drought, Water Becomes Currency in Payola Scheme

In Protecting the Elderly, CA at Last Takes Steps to Catch Up

Scared for All the Wrong Reasons: Opponents Lobbying Hard Against CA Prescription Database Proposition

Data Dump: Google's Donations to Stanford Designated to Not Fund Privacy Research

PTSD: The Forgotten Victim of America's Gun Violence

Meet Carl DeMaio, the Craziest Congressional Candidate in America

Forget You: Cee Lo Says Rape Isn't Rape If Victim Is Unconscious

FedEx’s Ruthless Approach to Misclassifying Employees Ruled Unlawful by California Court

Meet the ‘Most Endangered’ River in America

Company Flies Workers in from India, Pays Them $1.21/Hour for 120 Hour Work Week, Gets Fined Measly $3k

California Is Legally Obligated to Lessen Its Prison Population, Prop 47 Diverts Those Savings to Education.

Still Weighing Your Stance on CA's Billion-Dollar Water Bond Props? Big Oil Just Contributed $250K to 'Yes.'

Walmart Charity Gives $9.2M to NGOs Backing CA's Water Bond, Zero Dollars to Its Opponents

Perception Vs. Reality: If Only CA's GOP Could Tell the Difference

CA Gov Brown Signs Anti-Spying Ban on Rent-to-Own Computers

Battle for the Port's Authority: 33 Truck Drivers Fired After Filing Misclassification Claims

LA Times Journalist Cleared Articles With CIA Before Publishing

Uber Drivers in SoCal Align with Teamsters, Prepare to Fight for Safety, Living Wage Protections

$10M in Annual Campaign Contributions Buys Big Oil Access to 'Marine Protected Areas' on California Coast

Lawmakers Call for a Cellphone ‘Kill Switch,’ But What About the Constitution?

CA's Jerry Brown Tries Novel Idea of Helping – Not Hurting – Child Immigrants