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VIDEO: VA Gov McAuliffe Blasts State Delegates for Inaction on Health Care

Number of Deaths Attributable to States Opting Out of Medicaid Expansion: Between 7,115 and 17,104

2 Killed in Shooting at VA Naval Base

NASA Study: 1%'s Greedy Resource Grab Could Trigger End of Civilization Within 15 Years

New Definitions for a New World: 'Koch Brothers Capitalism'

Midwesterners Could See 10-20 Cent Spike in Gas Prices if Keystone XL Gets Approved

VA Bill Charges Customers for Imaginary Nuclear Plant, and Other Ethical Lapses

What's the VA GOP to Do When Its Trusty Right Hand Endorses Medicaid Expansion?

Criminal Investigation Launched in Dan River Coal Ash Spill

VA Congressional Candidate Bob Marshall's 5 Craziest Moments

The True Price of Coal: Massive Ash Spill Threatens Dan River's Fish, Drinking Water

Fracking in GW National Forest Threatens DC's Sole Source of Drinking Water

Ted Cruz: Jesus Hates Health Care, aka Some Stuff About Religious Liberty at Risk

VA Speaker Bill 'ALEC' Howell Single-Handedly Stopping Medicaid Expansion

Pat Robertson Muses That Atheist Coworker Probably 'Demonic' or Raped by Father

How Congress Can Control College Costs Without Any Additional Taxes

Leading Climate Science Expert Explains Why He Opposes Keystone XL

VA's Agricultural Exports Nears $3B in 2013, but Fails to Maximize Industry with Jobs

Medicaid Working Wonders in VA's Anti-Healthcare GOP Districts

VIDEO: VA Rep. Gerry Connolly Demolishes Right-Wing Activist at IRS Hearing

Virginia Is for (Planet Earth) Lovers: Congressmen Demand Climate Change Action

With Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down, VA is Finally For (All) Lovers

Don't North Carolina Us! Yes. It's a Verb.

Sobering Details: Why America Needs to End Its Fossil Fuel Addiction