Will Bob Menendez be the next chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)Susan Rice has withdrawn her name for consideration for U.S. Secretary of State, after months of harsh criticism over her Benghazi comments, and citing a 'very politicized' confirmation process. Rice:

"I didn't want to see a confirmation process that was very prolonged, very politicized, very distracting and very disruptive because there are so many things we need to get done as a country and the first several months of a second term president's agenda is really the opportunity to get the crucial things done."

If, following heavy speculation, the job is next offered to Senator John Kerry, current Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair, then a vacancy opens for the chairmanship as Kerry departs for the Obama Administration.

Kerry is the committee's third-ranking Democrat on the committee. But senators Barbara Boxer and Dick Durbin already have leadership positions; Boxer as chair of the Environment Committee and Durbin as Assistant Majority Leader.

Kerry is also one of the names reportedly under consideration for Secy of Defense, as is Chuck Hagel.

You gotta figure, this has got to really peeve Joe Kyrillos ...

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