What Does "Less Government" Mean?

In America, government is We, the People making the decisions.

When they say they want "less government" or "get government out of the way" they are saying they want lessor no decision-making by We, the People! So who do you think they want making the decisions instead?

Anyway, here is a video from OMBWatch, The Invisible Helping Hand of Government:

Public investments are essential to the success of our society, the strength of our economy, and our quality of life. From highways to communications systems, from guaranteeing student loans and mortgages to reducing unfair credit card fees, from keeping our food safe to keeping our water supply clean, we all rely on government-funded systems in our daily lives. We take these things for granted so much that they have become "invisible" to most of us. But they are a critical guarantee for our quality of life in America.

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