Wendy Davis Officially On Ballot For 2014 Governor's Race

Saturday, Wendy Davis officially filed to be on the ballot for the governor's race in 2014. Before officially filing for office she spoke briefly to a crowd of supporters and volunteers at the offices of the Austin based business uShip.com.

Mary Patrick a longtime Austin based volunteer for the campaign introduced Davis noting that Wendy is a "different kind of leader" for all Texas families and "has the record to prove it."

Davis said she is running for governor not only because she loves Texas but because she knows how great Texas can be for everyone. She said it is time for a governor who believes you don't have to "buy in" to have a place in Texas's future, and insider deals and favors for political cronies are not how we should do business in Texas.

Texas had made it possible for her to go from the tiny trailer she lived in, to running a successful business, to the Texas State Senate, and she "wants everyone to have those same opportunities."

Wendy Davis released this statement regarding her filing:


"As Texans, we have so much to be proud of - where we've come from, and what we are today," said Sen. Wendy Davis. "I'm running for Governor because I believe all Texans should have a voice in their future and a place in Texas' future. Today is the official start of that journey - a journey that mean so much more than filing paperwork."

"Texas is the greatest state in this country, capable of leading the nation in medical and research science, in technology, in oil and gas production, in education -- every arena.  Politicians in Austin didn't build our state up to what it is today, that role falls to the hardworking Texans I meet every day on the campaign trail."

Battleground Texas, the field arm of the Wendy Davis Campaign sent out this statement in an email to supporters:


"We know Wendy has a real shot at being the first Democratic governor of Texas since Ann Richards. In some recent polls, she's already within single digits of Abbott, and she's building on her momentum every day.

But we also know it will be anything but a cakewalk. This is Texas, after all. Extreme Republicans like Greg Abbott have deep pockets and will use nearly every penny to air false attack ads that you'll be sick of seeing by next November.

Battleground Texas, meanwhile, will stay busy registering more voters and making sure every Texan has a stake in the outcome of this election."

To sign up to help Wendy with Battleground Texas and receive campaign updates, click here.

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