Weekend Poll: The Venue That Will Bring Marriage Equality to NJ

"During the days of June 27-31, 1969, gay people ascended into the streets around Stonewall and openly resisted the harassment and criminal exploitation of their community - oppression which they had long endured in silence. Rich, poor, drag, butch - gays stood together and fought in a mass act of resistance. These days were the birth pangs of the gay liberation movement." - words on an old T-shirt of mine

"It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married." - President Barack Obama - May 9, 2012

From Stonewall's resistance to President Obama's affirmation there has been a march toward LGBTQ civil rights - albeit sometimes slow and still unfinished.

In New Jersey we have not yet achieved marriage equality. Today's poll asks you to select the venue which you think will first bring us this equality: a legislative override of Christie's veto, N.J. Supreme Court ruling, U.S. Supreme Court ruling, N.J. voter referendum, another venue, or none because you think it will not happen.

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Update: As of early Sunday morning, more people think that marriage equality in our state will come through a NJ Supreme Court ruling. What do you think? The poll remains open with a wrap-up planned for Tuesday morning.

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