Weekend Poll: Should The Senate Judiciary Committee Confirm Bruce Harris?

There are now two vacancies on the NJ Supreme Court. The court currently has only five members, of which two are Democrats, two are Republican, and one is Independent/leaning Republican. Governor Christie earlier nominated Phillip Kwon and Bruce Harris. Mr. Kwon was rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Christie has not yet named a replacement. On Thursday there will be a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Christie's nomination of Bruce Harris to the bench.

The stakes are high. Christie has already added Republican Anne Patterson to the court. He now has the opportunity to add two more Republicans and to create a Republican majority court with only two Democrats. Matters important to progressives will soon appear before the bench, but Christie has signaled his intention to change the court's direction.

As an African-American and openly gay individual, Bruce Harris lends much needed diversity to the court. It has been said that he will recuse himself on marriage equality. He is Republican. He works for the law firm of Greenberg Traurig with experience as counsel for those buying or selling bonds and other lending instruments, but he lacks litigation and judicial experience. He is also mayor of Chatham. Press reports here and here suggest that some committee members are not satisfied with his qualifications and that his nomination will be rejected. What would you like to happen?

Todays question: Should the Senate Judiciary Committee confirm Bruce Harris' nomination to the NJ Supreme Court: Yes or No.

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