Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Nov. 3-4, 2012

Weather: They're talking Nor'easter again for mid-week; high winds, coastal flooding, heavy rains and inland snow to some already fragile areas.

Your Vote

  • NJ's about to have a presidential election unlike any other in  modern history.

  • You can vote TODAY at your County Clerk's office.

  • Gov. Christie Changes Election Day Voting Procedures - Email & Fax Voting .

  • Live in Jersey City? Hudson County? You'd better read this.

  • Hacks? Bugs? State does better job testing slot machines than your voting booth.

  • Will NJ voters turn out?

  • In Sandy's wake, many in N.J. casting aside plans to vote.


  • Is this the coolest kid in Hoboken?

  • Poor Rupert Murdoch. He seems to be having a fit of some kind...

  • Long, difficult road ahead.

  • National Guard's key role in relief effort.

  • Federal aid flowing.

  • Relief units arrive in S.J..

  • Christie's response to Sandy: 'I'm in charge'.

  • Trenton Times: Sandy shows important need for a well-managed FEMA.


  • Power back on for 65% of PSE&G customers

  • Restoring Power after Sandy: A Tale of Two Utilities .

  • There's a pecking order for restoration work by PSE&G.

  • Look up your town's power restoration estimate.


  • Journalist, social media guru & Somerset County resident Jeff Jarvis says Christie's not doing enough to end the gas shortage. He's got some suggestions ...

  • More gasoline deliveries expected to reach NJ.

  • Confused about the odd-even gas rules?

  • Gas restrictions - order, but also confusion.

  • Mixed results on rationing day one.


  • Kyrillos: Tranquil veteran of Trenton battles.

  • Menendez: Touting the record of a hectic term.

  • Menendez v. Kyrillos - on the issues.

  • The Auditor: Jersey's last GOP senator represented a different time, plus what's who's next in Newark, Christie took time from Sandy-prep for Drewniak's wedding, and Guadagno's ballot choice.

    Higher Ed Bond Referendum

  • Will Sandy affect your vote on this?
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