Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 19-20, 2013

Shop carefully: Whole Foods & their historically-inaccurate Obamacare whine

  • Star-Ledger: When execs threaten to cut hours to recoup their health care costs, public backlash often says one of three things: Most customers like the law; they resent employers who retaliate against workers over a law that's intended to help the country's poorest workers; or they're simply tired of the rhetoric. Our guess is all three.

    Annette Quijano visits NJ National Guardsmen returning from Afghanistan deployment to Fort Hood, Texas

  • The Assemblywoman's group of electeds and businessfolk was organized by NJ Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

    Guns & Ammo

  • Christie to speak at Feb. 8 Second Amendment Rally in Trenton.

  • GUn rally outside NJ State House draws dozens. Dozens.

    Christie & the GOP

  • Sandy vote shows Gov. Christie's influence has limits.

  • Chris Christie is playing with fire.

  • Rand Paul: Chris Christie will regret going off on the GOP.

  • Rand Paul smacks Chris Christie.

    Chris Christie v. _______

  • Buono's candidacy gains attention in NJ gov's race.

  • A running drama. It was Booker. Now it's Codey ... and several others.

  • Ingle: A coy Dick Codey flirts with a bid for governor.

    Scott Garrett v. Andrew Maguire?

  • Stile: The 3-term Dem congressman may be interested in taking on the Tea Party darling, and is moving back into the district.


  • Christie avoids cities and minorities for town hall meetings, critics say.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Sandy's trailer park victims barely eking by.

  • Sandy relief is awash in legal and procedural uncertainties.

  • Storm of insurance lawsuits.


  • Camden School Board needs KIPP's final numbers pronto.

  • Oversight of education dies in NJ.

  • Editorial: Surprise drills, reviews of N.J. school safety procedures are prudent steps.

  • Internet erasing classroom boundaries.

    Obama & Biden

  • Stile: Supporters' hope is strong as ever as Obama prepares to begin second term.

    The Auditor

  • GTECH and the lottery, South Ward candidate in Newark, Maguire and Garrett, and Torpey's websites.

    More Editorials

  • Forty years after Roe vs. Wade, abortion should be safe and legal -- not inaccessible.

  • Obama's gun proposal isn't such a long shot.

  • Restore funds to help victims of domestic violence.
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