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  • UCONN/COURANT CT SEN POLL: Murphy ahead, 37 percent, Linda 33 percent, 30 percent undecided

    With nearly 30 percent of voters still undecided, Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy are locked in a statistical dead heat in the race for U.S. Senate, according to a new University of Connecticut-Hartford Courant poll.

    The poll showed Murphy ahead, 37 percent to 33 percent, but with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points, the race is basically a tie, poll Director Jennifer Dineen said.

    The poll found that Democrats have more undecided voters than Republicans, that there are no significant gender gaps and that there are pronounced geographical pockets of support for each candidate:

    Click here for the poll crosstabs

  • CT 04: Dave Kostek breaks down Jim Himes approach for addressing the budget while wondering (along with everyone else) where his opponent stands (press release).

    Bill Clinton's speech to the convention is stuck in my head. He made a very simple, very compelling, point: we need people in DC who understand arithmetic.

    As a former math teacher, I am partial to Mr. Clinton's argument.  As a citizen concerned about our nation's fiscal future, I know that we have to get the numbers to add up.

    Jim Himes understands the fiscal challenge we face and has been very specific about how to solve it. Jim has won accolades for his commitment to fiscal responsibility; the non-partisan Concord Coalition is even presenting him with the Paul Tsongas Economic Patriot Award this week.

    I began to wonder... how could I get the word out about the plan Jim supports and the fact that his opponent refuses to say what specific spending he'd cut and how he'd bring in the revenues we need to get it to balance. You know, arithmetic.

    So I dusted off my white board, grabbed a set of markers and made this video to explain how the budget arithmetic tells you exactly why Jim Himes deserves your vote in November.

  • When it comes to Linda McSham's laughable lack of knowledge regarding the details of her financial hardships, Littman nails it.

    I mean, SERIOUSLY?! Mrs. "Vote me cause I'm a BIDNESSWOMAN" never SAW her own financial papers? How stupid do you think we are?realsaramerica via web

  • STATE SEN 24: In accepting the NACCP debate, Jason Bartlett highlights State Senator Birther Mike McLachlan's close ties to ALEC and accuses the most disliked state lawmaker at the Capitol of scrubbing his website.

    Former State Representative Jason Bartlett accepted an NAACP invitation to debate on October 6th in Danbury.  In accepting he renewed his assertion that more debates are needed as new information about Senator McLachlan's legislative affairs come to light.  Bartlett said, "Senator McLachlan is a soldier in the war on women, and a proxy for corporate interests and is getting free vacations in return for advocating extremist positions.  This is why we need to have debates," Bartlett said.

    "It is a common practice for legislators to take trips and attend forums to learn best practices and professional development.   ALEC and Barton's Wallbuilders are anything but professional development conferences.  These are all expense paid junkets held by extremist organizations to entice legislators to promote their agendas."

    Bartlett is referring to $5,000 worth of free vacations that McLachlan took as a member of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and David Barton's extremist organization Wall Builders.  McLachlan reported to the State Ethics committee that he took four trips paid for by these organizations.  ALEC came to the national media's attention when it was exposed that the "non-profit" organization was giving conservative legislators model bills to introduce in their states that were directly dictated by large corporations. The group came under more fire recently for advocating voter suppression legislation and Florida's controversial Castle Doctrine.  Since the allegations, companies such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds have cut their ties to the organization

    "There is a pattern of Senator McLachlan vacationing with ALEC and then returning to Connecticut to introduce Connecticut's version of their model bills.  Senator McLachlan has kept his bargain with ALEC by introducing anti-union legislation, voter suppression laws and the castle doctrine," Bartlett said.

    In addition, McLachlan attended Wall Builders legislative advocacy forum in Dallas, TX in November of 2010.  McLachlan is a devout fan of revisionist historian David Barton whose radical beliefs include that anti-bullying rules are homosexual indoctrination and that God has drawn this country's national boundaries.  McLachlan met Barton at the forum and tweeted,  "I had the pleasure of meeting David Barton today as he signed the book "Original Intent"  What a message!"  Nov 12, 2010.

    Bartlett said, "While I have been surprised at McLachlan's embrace of these figures and organizations it is important for the voters to know that Mike says one thing in the district but is advocating for these extremist organizations in Hartford.  Perhaps that is why he has expunged a picture with Barton from his Facebook page recently."

    McLachlan is already making excuses for possibly skipping the debate.

    McLachlan said while he looks forward to the event, he has yet to formally accept the invitation while he awaits word on the format of the debate.

    "I welcome the opportunity, but I need some more details," he said.

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