VA Residents Rally To End Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Dozens of Virginians gathered on Saturday to rally for an end to the Bush tax cuts for the top 2 percent. The activists gathered at Congressman Forbes’ Chesapeake to hear from community members on the issue before going door-to-door to urge neighbors to contact their representative.

Ken Ehrenthal, a retired teacher, spoke about the cuts Virginians will face if Congress refuses to make a deal to protect middle class families. “I do have concern about the cut to Medicaid. I work as an ombudsman in assisted living and nursing homes.  I do know that all too many seniors rely on Medicaid to allow them to live in these facilities. We should never allow ideology to trump good care,” he said.

Alexis Edwards, a home care worker, also expressed concern about forced cuts to safety net programs. “"I serve the population who depend on Medicare and Medicaid. This will surely hurt my job.”

Leslie Frazier was energized by the rally and excited to talk to her neighbors about ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. “The rally was a success! Those who attended were extremely passionate, concerned, and ready to continue sending messages to Congress about how important it is to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. I am truly inspired, fired up, and also ready to take action!"

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