VIDEO: John McCain Goes AWOL from Sanity, Forgets Iraq Past

So sayeth the (not so) great and (somewhat un-) wise Sen. John McCain.

"I don't think [President Obama] has to have...[Congress'] permission [to use military force in Iraq]. We woke up one morning some years ago you might remember, Judy, and found out that Ronald Reagan had decided to invade a small island nation called Grenada.

But look, I want to get back to what Sen. Kaine said. I don't what he heard anybody give in a speech, and I don't know how many times he's been to Iraq if ever. I've been there more times than I can count. Lindsey Graham and I in direct conversation with Maliki, after direct conversation with Barzani, after direct conversation with Allawi, they were all ready to deal. And it is a fact...that the number of troops that we were proposing cascaded down to 3,000 when it had been recommended to be 20,000, and by that time the leader, especially Maliki, decided it wasn't worth the problem.

So, what Sen. Kaine is saying is just totally false. In fact it's a lie, because Lindsey Graham and I were there and we know what happened, because we were there face to face, and the administration would never give a troop strength number."

Bottom line, John McCain is completely off the deep end. It's sad, because he used to be a voice of moderation and reason back in the 1990s, but that John McCain is long gone. Just thank whatever deity you worship that McCain never became President.

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