Washington Post Swings and Misses in Cuccinelli Abortion Stance Story

You know, there are days when I think perhaps there still might be some hope for the Washington Kaplan Amazon Post. Then, I see "reporting" like this about Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Here are some facts:

a) Ken Cuccinelli for years has supported a "Personhood Amendment;"

b) The Washington Post's own "Fact-Checker" gave Cuccinelli "Three Pinocchios" for claiming that he never tried to make contraception illegal;

c) Ken Cuccinelli voted AGAINST legislation aimed at clarifying that birth control is NOT equivalent to abortion.

Now, here's the way the Post handled the story:

1. Printed a wildly false, misleading headline - "Ken Cuccinelli Vows Not to Support Restrictions on Birth Control." In fact, Cuccinelli dodged the question on personhood, lied to the people at the Ashby Ponds retirement community in Ashburn, and lied to reporters afterwards. That should be the headline.

2. Added an even worse subheading, which tried to claim that it's the Democrats who are "painting" Cuccinelli as an "extremist on such issues," despite the fact that he really is an extremist.

3. Waited 9 paragraphs to point out Cuccinelli is lying.

4. Totally buried the newspaper's own fact checker's "Three Pinnochios" conclusion, that "while Cuccinelli 'might not have specifically sought to ban contraception, that likely would have been the practical effect of the bill he co-sponsored."

In sum, this article violates every tenet of good journalism. It buries/destroys the lede, which in this case are Cuccinelli's breathaking lies. It epitomizes mindless, cowardly "both sides reporting." It refuses to clearly tell the reader what is accurate and what is a blatantly inaccurate. It downplays and ignores the fact that Cuccinelli has extremely strong views on this issue, which he's repeated a gazillion times over the years, and also a clear-as-can-be voting record, also of many, many years. (UPDATE: Almost forgot to mention Video: Cuccinelli Again Urges Bishops to Go to Jail Over "contraceptive, abortifacient mandate")

And no, this isn't Jennifer Rubin we're talking about. We expect this from her - as she's not a real reporter - nor does she have the slightest bit of integrity. But when a serious journalist does it? At that point, you've really got to question whether this newspaper's even worth saving. Are you watching this, Mr. Bezos?

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