UPDATE: They're going to Frack in Your back yard, folks

There will be miniscule rights payments to the state or other owner, the profits will most likely be going out of state, but the effects will be right here in our very own back yard:

Who you gonna trust - Governor John Hickenlooper or your lyin' eyes?

In Hickenlooper's home state, there has been tension over how much local communities can regulate drilling within their borders, on top of statewide regulations. Hickenlooper says it would be "very tough" on industry if each county had a different set of regulations.

Here's an idea that will never happen: how about we add an excise tax to all energy extracted within the U.S. - a fair one, but one that keeps in mind the enormous profits of oil companies - and put all that money into wind and solar projects? (UPDATE: Looks like the brilliant Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders have read my mind.) Hick has some words of encouragement for energy other than carbon-based. And the Governor's sympathy for energy extraction companies is very touching.

I almost believe him.

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