Update on Migration Pattern Hysteria

From the comments on yesterday's post about demographics, an interesting article from the LA Times explaining some of these shifts. California, like New York a century ago, is a "gateway" state, where people come when they immigrate and then transition to other communities.

"People see that so many people are leaving the state, and they think 'oh, it's because California business is bad,' " said Bill Schooling, chief of demographics research for the state Department of Finance. "It's more that California, particularly with counties like L.A., is a huge gateway state." ...

Schooling noted that much of the state's population growth was concentrated in coastal counties, where people tend to be younger and more mobile. Economists also said that job growth has been much stronger along the coast, particularly with growth in foreign trade, technology and tourism.

Ironic, isn't it? The Coast subsidizes the rest of the state, and votes in favor of a more sustainable government. Yet the Coast is where the economy, and the growth, is strongest. Did California suffer right along with the nation during the Great Recession? Yes, of course. However, we're also leading the nation forward.

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