Tweets of the Week: Rep. Donna Howard and Sen. Van de Putte Discuss #TXWomensHealth

Yesterday, Planned Parenthood hosted a Tweet chat with two of Texas Legislature's most ardent advocates for reproductive equity, Representative Donna Howard and Senator Leticia Van de Putte, about women's health care in Texas.

The chat was an opportunity to discuss what we can do to better advocate for sane solutions in response to the lack of adequate preventative care services for the women in our state.

Unfortunately, it clearly became an opportunity for fundamental anti-choicers to flood the hashtag stream with crazy talk about embryos that wasn't related to what was being discussed. Think "your birth control will cause your womb to be laden with baby corpses" kind of crazy. However, it benefitted the advocates involved to be able to contrast rational conversation from the oh-so-definitely-not rational.

The legislators did an excellent job with addressing the real issues at hand, and getting information out about the need for family planning in Texas.

Texas Planned Parenthood affiliates are working hard to bring women's health issues at the forefront, so make sure you sign up and get involved in their Take Action Tuesdays in the coming weeks!

Yesterday's Tweet chat reinforced that the lack of education about reproductive health in Texas is clearer than ever, which means we need to work that much harder to make the real issues apparent.

You can follow some of the top tweets after the jump!

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