Top 10 Takeaways from the Rutgers Mike Rice Mess

I didn't go to Rutgers, I'm not a native New Jerseyan. Outside of dating a member of the offensive line at University of Michigan (go Blue), which made me a hot commodity on campus for about 5 minutes, I don't follow college sports, or Rutgers b-ball. There's an interesting convo going on in diary comments among people more conversant in Rutgers' program. My interest is in the spike of this story. One day: video --> statewide scandal --> Rice's exit. Boom.

Top 10 Takeaways from the Rutgers Mike Rice Mess

What are yours? This is an Open Thread.

Mike Rice#1 "Cunt" v. "Faggot": There's considerable outrage at Coach Rice's use of homophobic terms to abuse his players - "fucking faggots," "fairies". But where is the outrage at the misogynist terms Rice hurled: "cunts," sissy bitches," "pussies"?

College sports can be rough-and-tumble on the court and on the field; a given. But when men use the language of homophobia and misogyny to control other men it is a very specific form of shaming. Translation: I cannot think of anything worse to call you than a woman, or gay man. Coaches yelling is going to continue - everywhere. But there's some rethinking going on in some locker rooms today. And there should be.  
#2 Too little, too late: Dude, you make too much money to be this kind of embarrassment to your kids (VIDEO).

Rutgers R in distress#3 Rutgers President Robert Barchi: What did he know and when did he know it? Barchi appears to say his first time "review[ing] the video evidence" was yesterday and not "last fall", as Athletic Director Pernetti told reporters yesterday. Calls for Barchi's firing are already coming.

#4 Man up (as it were): Rutgers only came clean when it was clear ESPN was about to go public. That's cowardly on an institutional scale.

#5 Tyler Clementi killed himself less than 3 years ago: Were Rice and Pernetti taking a nap then?

#6 We only know about this because of a whistleblower: Eric Murdock, a 9-year NBA player and a former director of player development for the Scarlet Knights, told ESPN Rice's behavior caused at least 3 players to leave the team (Ledger reports 2 more may be leaving RU soon). Murdock was fired by Rice & Pernetti - for reporting on Rice, his attorney says - and is suing Rutgers for wrongful termination ... any minute now.

#7 Exit door's still swinging Pernetti and Barchi have to be huddling with lawyers right now. Assembly Higher Ed Chair Celeste Riley is already asking: "If the Rutgers administration refuses to explain itself, I will seek to get the answers the people of our state deserve as to why he wasn't fired sooner." Ledger's asking, too.

#8 B-balls hurled at the head at short range: Hurts. Don't. do. it.  

#9 Other shoes may be about to drop: Hints emerging today that there may be a bribery angle to this story. Given the money and the stakes, it's hard to be surprised.

#10 You've been served: If some of these players are smart, there's going to be some lawsuits. Then you're really going to hear some nasty words.

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