The Next Pope Won't Come from VT, That's for Sure

The godless state of Vermont is gloriously headed for Hell in a sap bucket. The good folks at Gallup have confirmed what we all suspected to be true: Vermont is the least religious state in the union.

Only 19 percent of Vermonters described themselves as "very religious." The national average was 40 percent. But we're only slightly more godless than our New England neighbors, which must have Jonathan Edwards and Cotton Mather spinning in their skivvies. The least religious states, in fact, are New England states, ranging from Vermont (19 percent) to Rhode Island (29 percent). Connecticut (at 31 percent), is in a five-way tie for eighth place.

So who's at the top of the list? You'll never guess. No, actually, you will.

Mississippi, at 58 percent. In fact, with the exception of heavily Mormon Utah (56 percent, tied with Alabama), the top 10 list is dominated by the Old South. Maybe we should have let 'em secede, after all.

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