Ted Cruz and Toilet Seats: Crap You Don't Want to Deal With

Bet you didn't think you'd be reading a story about toilet seats on this fine Friday. But when covering Ted Cruz, the topics of focus rarely make sense and are not easily understood.

At CPAC last week, Cruz said, "We have a federal government that thinks they have the authority to regulate our toilet seats." PolitiFact checked this out, and it's true. For example, the Mine Safety & Health Administration says, "Sanitary toilets shall have an attached toilet seat with a hinged lid and a toilet paper holder together with an adequate supply of toilet tissue."

...And that's a good thing. No one wants toilet seats that bleed toxic chemicals into your body. Or easily collapse. Or aren't there. These are issues of basic human safety and decency. The role of our self-governance is to protect those.

So why is Cruz railing against something as silly as toilets? What else can you talk about when your party refuses to change any of its positions on important issues, despite its growing losses in both elections and national opinion? These days, the Republican Party resorts to bombastic rhetoric against socialism or some other boogeyman, or ridiculous tirades against completely sensible regulations. It's a party where the toilets have spilled all over the house, and Americans are leaving in droves.

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