Supreme Court backs early voting in Ohio

There’s good news – for a change – out of the Supreme Court today: the justices have rejected the Ohio secretary of state’s effort to limit early voting in the Buckeye State.

ScotusBlog reports that the court did not issue an opinion or explain its order but that there apparently was no dissent. The decision means that local election officials across Ohio will be able to continue early voting through the final weekend of the campaign, the time when voter interest peaks and the pre-Election Day turnout generally is heaviest.

Four years ago, more than 105,000 Ohioans voted during the final weekend. The state’s Republican-controlled legislature and Secretary of State Jon Husted wanted to stop most of this year’s early voting on Friday, Nov. 2, leaving the polls open on the final weekend only to members of the armed forces. Democrats argued that would discriminate against other voters.

“This decision is a victory, but our work is not done. Each county election board still has to determine how or whether to do the early voting,” said Common Cause President Bob Edgar. “We’ll be going county board by county board to urge them to keep their voting open Saturday, Sunday and Monday.”


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