Steve Fox Who?

Assembly Stunner

by Brian Leubitz

Suffice it to say that Steve Fox was on nobody's radar this year. You can tell that he wasn't on the Assembly Democratic Caucus target list, as the SteveFox4Assembly website is pretty, um, atrocious. That is unless you are into free geo-cities type websites with a bunch of talk-to-camera videos with interesting messaging.

But, be that as it may, Steve Fox looks set to win a stunner of a race in the new AD-36 over Republican Ron Smith. While he was down on election day by over 2000 votes, he has clawed his way back to the narrowest of wins.  (less than 50 votes, last time I checked)

So who exactly is Steve Fox? Well, he previously ran for Assembly as a Republican, and has apparently signed the Norquist anti-tax pledge. But he does seem to support public education funding (see video). However, he will likely be something of a wildcard vote. But, probably better than a wildcard Republican vote.

2012 was the absolute worst case scenario for California Republicans. The question now has to be whether they intend to do anything about it beyond further moving toward their out of touch base vote.

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