To the South: Nutcase NC General Assembly Would Make Cooch Proud

The "intertubes" have been abuzz with Crazy Cooch stories. He's so taken by the subject of sodomy laws that he wants the courts to revisit and reverse previous rulings  on the subject.  He doesn't even respect the SCOTUS which has long been dominated by (duh!) his side.  The man is whacked. Ooops, sorry, no pun intended. Nothing I am about to say should discourage  anyone's keeping Crazy Cooch's idiocies front and center every day until November. No, I plan to mention him in just about every post I do from now until Nov. Everyone should. But Crazy Cuccinelli has kissin' cousins South of the state border in NC. And they are on the fast track to out-do Cooch--by a long shot. Here is just one of their escapades.
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