Skelton Joins Chorus Pushing for Lowering Vote Thresholds

Sen. Mark Leno's bill would lower vote requirement for tax increases to 55%

by Brian Leubitz

The lowering of the vote threshold for local taxes has been an early subject of conversation since the Democratic supermajority appeared on the horizon. Sen. Mark Leno's bill was introduced in early December to do just that.

Today, George Skelton, joins the call to do just that:

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to help inner-city schools at the expense of suburbanites. But there must be a better way to assist the disadvantaged than to trigger class warfare.

And there is. It is to give school districts a better opportunity to raise their own tax revenue.

That could involve reducing the voter threshold needed for levying parcel taxes from two-thirds to 55%. ... California needs all types of school reform, including how we generate money for classrooms - without starting an education civil war.

The idea is certainly getting a lot of attention, but it seems anything but certain that Sen. Leno will be able to muster the 2/3 of both houses to get the measure to the ballot. Both Gov. Brown and the legislative leaders are a bit worried about putting anything else on the statewide ballot that smells of tax increase after the success of Prop 30. But, in the end, the measure just evens out taxes with bond measures and allows communities the right to self-govern.

It just seems like common sense to allow communities to choose their own tax rates.

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