This simply to rid my brain of Lance Armstrong for next 98 days, a psychic enema of the state

I have another hypothesis about Lance's success. He is / was extraordinary, the riders around him were great athletes, but not at his level, so Bruyneel and Armstrong created an unusual way to bolster the rest of the team.
It was the placebo effect, his teammates were injected with saline and told it was various doping drugs and hormones. I'll bet that Bruyneel and Armstrong have proof of that, visual proof, and independent witness proof. These athletes, superb already, believed that they had the help of doping products, so they performed on a higher level because of the belief that they had help.

It was a psychological trick. Lance Armstrong will take millions in civil court from those found to libel or slander him.

I have experienced the placebo effect. I am a bicycle tourist and believe, I eat a square of dark Belgium chocolate every quarter hour helps me, a 70 year old, ride over 160 km a day with 19 kg of camping and cycling gear plus my weight of 107 kg.

Imagine the enhanced placebo effect when you believe you are using the real thing.

The other cyclists on Armstrong's teams who were caught doping were only caught when they did it themselves.  When they did it with Bruyneel and Armstrong they were not caught because they were given the placebo.  They should have been told after the seven TDF wins. Maybe they wouldn't have doped.


I don't find this as far fetched as the - yes he doped or the no he didn't - other arguments without real proof.

Folk convicted of eyewitness testimony have been exonerated by DNA, so I don't put much faith in these witnesses with much to gain.  I will only accept the equivalent of 'DNA' in the analysis of tests.  If that is not proffered, forget Lance Armstrong if you don't like him, if you like him, okay.

We have a bad economy; we have to decide which way to go to grow it humanely. The soul of our republic is being sold and bought at the expense of the poor and middle. Whether Lance did it or not is not really that important in the universe.

I know this. Even if I did take performance enhancing substances, I'd still only be able to ride 160 km in a day, and cruise between 19 to 28 km/h. I'd never come close to what even the worse rider in the peloton can do. And I probably wouldn't be alive at 70.

End of the day the number of poor increases, the increase of other problems derived from that, and cycling is just a sport, a game, you may say.

Come to real cycling among commuters and tourists, we use cycling in real world situations such as cycling to work, or long distance for the enjoyment of the open road as we pedal to visit grandchildren.  

We don't race.
We don't exercise.
We travel.

The exercise is a side benefit.

If you, our government, news media, anti doping agencies, and I continue this LA discussion, we have too much time on our schedules better used to rebuild our economy and lives really injured by really serious problems

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