Romney misrepresents his interview with Denver TV reporter

CBS4's Shaun Boyd should let her viewers know that Mitt Romney is misrepresenting an interview Boyd had with Romney when he was in Denver May 10.

In an interview last week, a radio host asked Romney: "I saw that you got a little testy with one reporter who wanted to talk about marijuana and same-sex marriage yesterday. Has this been a real curve ball for ya?"

Romney replied: "She asked two or three questions about same-sex marriage and civil unions and then about medical marijuana, and I finally laughed and said, You know, there are some really big issues out there, like if Iran is going to get a nuclear weapon, how to change leadership in Syria, and what it's going to take to get this economy moving again, one after another. Why don't you ask about those? We  finally got around to that."

Two problems here, one is that Romney never mentioned Syria in his response to Boyd.

But more importantly, Boyd asked Romney about civil unions and marijuana, and she still had over half of the five-minute interview remaining.

Romney interjected after about two-and-a-half minutes and asked Boyd why she was asking him insignificant questions, which, as Boyd pointed out, aren't insignificant in Colorado anyway.

Listening to Romney's recounting of his interview with Boyd, when he says Boyd "finally" got around to economic issues, you'd think Boyd used most of her time on civil unions and marijuana, when in reality, there was plenty of time left for other important issues.

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