Rob Tornoe: New Jersey's voters need Christie to be more than just Sandy

Chris Christie, befleeced and whining that we're harshing on his victory lap:

Rob Tornoe cartoon 1/14/13

Artist is our friend, cartoonist and commentator Rob Tornoe who manages to call out Gov. Christie in both sketch and text. You can read Rob's full commentary here, but here's a pull-out:

But if Christie wants to really help New Jersey, he'll come down from the Sandy wave he is riding and use this record popularity to dish out some of his self-anointed leadership to help the rest of the state. After all, Hurricane Sandy was rough, but once New Jersey recovers and rebuilds, the state will still face record-high property taxes, a budget deficit close to $2 billion and an unemployment rate among the worst in the nation.

It doesn't really take much leadership to call out a Congress so dysfunctional it can't manage to reauthorize something a non-controversial as the Violence Against Women Act. Sure, he gets some points for being willing to yell at fellow Republicans, but he's the one who helped campaign for them to get elected.

Where could Christie show some damned leadership? Let's see: Property taxes, a state assault weapons ban (gun violence conspicuously absent from the State of the State), our way-higher than national jobless rate, our second-highest in the U.S. foreclosure rate ...

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