Right-wing Freedom Club attacks Yvonne Selcer

I've written quite a bit about the attack mailer shenanigans going on in the West Metro, especially in my own district, 48A. Now the Freedom Club, that paragon of right-wing-sprinkle-super-rich-people-pixie-dust-on-the-economy-and-watch-it-grow Randian virtue, is getting into the game with an attack mailer targeting DFL candidate Yvonne Selcer.


And then you open it up to see a nice-looking picture of barely-incumbent Kirk Stensrud, and an obviously photoshopped attack image of Selcer opposite it.

It seems at least plausible that the mailer was timed to hit on the same day as the Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest monthly jobs report, in hopes that it would show middling, mediocre, or downright poor job growth nationwide.


It's a stretch to say that either Kirk Stensrud or Yvonne Selcer had, is having, or will ever have a nationwide effect on our economy. But this kind of attack mailer (which, coincidentally, used the same debunked talking points as every other message targeting Selcer in this race) is not playing well in my neighborhood or anywhere across the district. Far be it for me to encourage Stensrud's supporters to actually help their candidate, but they're doing both him and the people of our district a disservice.

Anyone else in the area seeing the Freedom Club State PAC's mailers?

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