MI Lawmaker: Guns Have Nothing to Do with CT Shootings

Michigan State Sen. Rick Jones appeared on Off the Record this week to talk about guns. And talk he did.

First, Jones compared federal gun laws to segregation, noting it's more an issue about the 10th Amendment and states' rights versus federal overreach. He followed that up by trying to make the point that guns have nothing to do with gun violence. 

"Guns have nothing to do with the Connecticut shooting," Jones said. "What we had there was a violent, insane individual that needed a lot of help and didn't get it."

Jones also wants armed security guards at the entrance of every school, and if teachers have the same training as police officers, he's okay with arming them.

Weird, man. Weird.

Also, Jones wants to take away abortion coverage for legislative employees because he heard one story about an employee who was pressured and then fired by a state representative over an unplanned pregnancy. Punish them all for the vague exception to the rule!

Watch the video (Jones segment appears about 15 minutes in):

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