Republican Mike Coffman: The Birther Video

Does Mike Coffman's Government supplied insurance cover virtual ass-kickings? Cuz he's getting it kicked all up and down the cables and internets today: Al Sharpton (the man who Lou Pate calls "Sambo" Sharpton), Hardball, The Ed Schultz Show, Think Progress, Crooks & Liars, The Washington Monthly, The NY Daily News, USA Today, and Westword for his pitiful dog-whistle to Colorado's "slower" voters.

Here's the video* reenactment of Coffman saying Barack Obama is not an American:

* - well, Coffman supporters aren't quite up to using today's technology yet, but it's something. But, if you really want to highlight Coffman's lowness, click on each link in the post - that's hi tech!

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