The Real Demographic Hysteria in California

Net loss? Hardly.

by Brian Leubitz

Over the last few days, you may have read a few breathless stories about how Californians are moving out of the state. We're having a mass exodus apparently!

Exodus: California, once a magnet for the enterprising and ambitious, is losing residents. There's not so much a giant sucking sound coming from the Golden State as there is the hiss of a balloon losing its air.

The Census Bureau says that California had a net loss of 100,000 people last year. Many headed for Texas (58,992), while Arizona (49,635), Nevada (40,114), Washington (38,421) and Oregon (34,214) all took in fleeing Californians. (Investors Business Daily)

So, what's the deal you ask, we lost residents in California? Well, no. We did not lose residents in California. What happened is that who Californians are has changed. The IBD article goes on to blame everything on the awful Californians and their terrible, terrible taxes. And then they close with this:

Maybe they'll catch on when they look around in a few years and find there are no longer enough productive citizens left to support everyone else. So far, though, they haven't shown much of a capacity for learning.

But, earlier I said that we haven't lost residents, so what gives you ask? Well, the number that the IBD chose not to include was the fact that over a quarter of a million people moved here from outside of the United States. California is the new America. We are the new Ellis Island. The new melting pot where creativity still booms brightest.

Despite IBD and other right-wing publications protests, California is still the home of the new economy. We still create the jobs of the future. In the first quarter of 2012, California accounted for nearly half of all venture capital deals. People come here from across the globe to be a a part of this new, exciting future.

They come here for our resources, our people, and yeah, they'd like to see a decent education system for their kids too. We're learning all right, we're learning about the future of America. Perhaps some folks from IBD should come on down and see it for themselves.  

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