Jeff asks for diaries, not comments. And this once I'll oblige, because this addresses several distinct topics, some only peripherally related to the state of the blog.

 First, I must strongly disagree with Jeff's claim that, "Our six readers do not care about anything except regular posts." The great strength of this blog has always been the threaded discussions. People responding to what others have to say. Break the threading and you break the conversation. It is my firm and and not particularly humble opinion that this is second only to not posting at all as a sure and certain way to kill the blog.

I hadn't been here for several days. Why? Because for what seemed like a couple of weeks I had seen only the same two diaries and the same single comment (mine). And the fact that nobody responded to me probably went further than the fact that nobody was posting a new diary to convince me the blog was dead.

But it's also true that my personal involvement in political activity isn't what it used to be. Some of that, I suspect, is that at age 76 my get up and go has got up and went. And in the last few years I have gotten involved in helping run disability services at the World Science Fiction Convention (this year's was here in Chicago) and in working on bids for sites of future conventions. I just don't seem to have the time or energy to get out and knock on doors they way I did 8 years ago. That's really unfortunate, but there it is.

So that's my thoughts. Is it really worth coming back, since Jeff doesn't want anyone to respond to me directly? We'll see.

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