QoTD: $1 dollar for 40 schools

Quote of the Day is from Bill Holland of New Jersey Working Families' Bill Holland:

In his budget address Governor Christie touted an aid increase to over 370 public schools. But if you think a governor who has been relentlessly hostile to public education suddenly turned a new leaf, we've got some bad news for you:

Seventy of those schools received less than $1,000. Forty of them received just $1.

The quote is from an email today to supporters around the state. Since 2010 when he took control of New Jersey, public education has been slashed $3.6 billion. And if the budget passes as is, Holland reports Christie will have underfunded our schools by $5 billion since he took office.

That's bigger class sizes, the loss of music and language classes for some kids. Or sports teams. Increased fees parents have had to pay to bus the kids to school or for extracurriculars. And everybody's felt it in property taxes.

Gov. Christie's tightly-controlled, but frequently misleading, self-promotional PR campaign - coming soon to a "Town Hall" near you - would have you believe he's some kind of education governor, increasing aid to local schools. It's not in his game plan to tell you how much he slashed before he pumped a little back in. That's how you can tell it's an election year. Do something about it.

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