"Profits Before People"

Today, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee joined the Chris Murphy for Senate campaign in the dismantling of Linda McSham's laughable resume.

I'll get the DSCC break down the details (PRESS RELEASE):

After months in which Linda McMahon has had a near monopoly of the airwaves, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is setting the record straight about Linda McMahon with its first ad of the cycle in Connecticut. The DSCC is launching a new ad today that highlights how McMahon has put profits before people, criticizing McMahon for laying off 10 percent of her workers and refusing to pay for her employees Medicare and Social Security, all while taking a $46 million paycheck for herself.


"Connecticut voters deserve to know the real Linda McMahon," said Matt Canter, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. "McMahon laid off 10 percent of her employees - even workers in Connecticut - and didn't pay Medicare, Social Security and unemployment for her wrestlers. But Linda McMahon took home $46 million a year. Now, as a Senate candidate, she's proposing to give herself an up to $7 million tax cut. Linda McMahon takes care of herself, no matter who pays the price."

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